In this project I’ve explored three types of choices we make in our daily lives through which we often express the diversity of our personalities. One such expression is how we choose to dress and ornament ourselves. A second is through enjoyment of our favorite musical styles. Musical styles themselves are incredibly diverse-Wikipedia lists 244 of them for A through C alone! The third is through what we choose to eat.

Often times though, as we all know, these choices are circumscribed by several factors. The economic class we belong to, the influence of our peers, and the roles we fill in society impact how much freedom of choice we really have. I may wish to choose to eat lobster and caviar on bone china with crystal glassware on a regular basis but if the only work available to me is at Walmart this avenue for choice of self expression is closed. I might think you love comfy old jeans and well worn flannel shirts when your preference is slim new jeans and frilly shirts- again you’ve been thwarted if this aspect of self expression is important to you.

I find it interesting to think how free the choices I make really are -and I get angry at how nearly nonexistent they are for certain groups in our society. These thoughts became pronounced when contemplating the meals Americans choose to eat regularly, the subject of the third photo. Here, I distilled my idea visually in the simplest terms. The less cluttered
style and red, white and blue color reflect a difference in my feelings about this particular area of choice.

music last up


Diversity reshoot – Expressing one’s gender identification through dress and style.Diversitywide-hand_0005-crop-




2 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. Wow! Great text. I think it lays a solid foundation to help you start to develop your images but I would encourage to select the idea that is most intriguing to you and focus in on it. Your have selected three hugh, meaty ideas. You’re in a great place though- it’s always easier to refine ideas then develop ideas!

    I don’t feel your first image is as compositionally strong as it could be– the large area of black on the left hand side of the image feels unbalanced and too empty in relation to the right hand side. But is it suppose to be a study of contrasts? If so, then I think you could absolutely work with that black space to heighten the sense of contrast, but you may want to consider less integration of the right and left hand sides (I would play with the feathered jewelry staying on the jeans and not drifting onto the black background). Also think about rule of thirds in relation to where you want the visual edge of denim to be in the composition.

    In your second image you have a grouping of various musical images in front of a stack of cd’s. How does it convey enjoyment of various musical styles? It certainly displays musical options, it could be seen as a study of the deconstruction of music (the pile of musical instruments representing the various parts necessary of the totality of a song or album represented by the cd’s in the background)…

    The third image just might be my favorite because I think it is both strange and funny! You have a champagne flute, but it appears to be full of red wine. You have a glass of milk and then a ceramic mug that looks like a disposable paper coffee mug. And then my favorite is if you really zoom in I can your reflection in the champagne flute!!! I am really interested in the tension between the elegant and the quotation, full and empty, nourishness and intoxication (consumption and consumed). Something really curious is starting to happen.

    Great work. Select the image/idea that you are most excited by and continue to develop it.

    • Thanks for your very helpful comments. I misunderstood the assignment, interpreting the three distinct images requirement into 3 separate but linked areas. In the future need to make sure I understand the assignment correctly!

      The first photo is a study of contrasts,2 different personality types. I put the feathered jewelry into the black space and cut it off at the frame to show a personality that encroaches on the space of others. I do agree it would be best to keep the feathers in their own space-I had actually waffled at that decision when I was doing it, it makes the idea of contrast less clear.

      I agree with you totally on the second image- to me and I knew to others it really only basically illustrates music. This exercise has taught me to leave more time for shooting-shot on last day, though thought about the idea obsessively all week.My original idea was to have three rectangular divisions of space with a violin representing classical,some kind of black or red velvet fabric as backdrop,-bongos with african cuban motif fabric behind in it’s rectangular shape, and jazz with sax and background fabric motif from the 20’s 30’s jazz age. This idea would visually look more like the first with flat rectangular divisions and more clearly express the idea of different musical styles. But—it was snowing, didn’t have time to get fabric etc… Poor planning!

      The third really got me morphing into a different area-a statement on the haves and and have nots in our society and how it restricts their choice.Originally intended it to have 3 divisions and be busier with more elements to visually relate better with the previous 2-but thought I’d distill it to it’s essence-A full glass of wine which is a wonderful but unnecessary dietary staple, the middle who have their basic necessities met represented by a half filled glass of milk and the have nots with an empty cup- that reads “we are here to serve you”. The red towel was the only red fabric in my house-didn’t leave enough time to assemble my props!

      Unbelievable how hard it is to shoot a glass of champagne which is what the red wine was originally. Thought I had this elegant setup,with mirror on the bottom, grey background, bubbly champagne with a lemon twist suspended artfully in the center of the glass- like in a bon appetite photo.Yeah,right.The champagne went flat and looked like yellow you know what, the twist floated to the top on its’ side and the lighting I had made it all look soooooo bad. My hat is off to all food photographers!

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